DMK Acu Moist

DMK Acu Moist


DMK Acu Moist
now with SPF 15

**This is a restricted product due to its strength and purpose. In order to receive this product you must make a consultation with Skinsation Clinic
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If you purchase this product, Skinsation will contact you to confirm you have made a consultation and if not, will organise a consultation with you or refund you the cost of the product and you will receive the remainder of your order.

A light hydrating moisture lotion ideally suited for cyctic inflamed acne and oily congested skin. Suits skin that is experiencing over-drying caused by acne treatments or for someone looking for a non-oily light skin moisture lotion. It stores hydration, reduces inflammation and encourages healing, while aiding in rebalancing oily congested skin. It also helps to alleviate the flaking and drying effects caused by drying acne treatments.

Apply a thin layer after cleansing and then spray Acu-Moist and work them in together.


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